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Richard Gordon

The Willen Ice Cream Company

Who are we?

Great tasting ice cream, sustainably made, sustainably packaged

The Willen Ice Cream Company is an independent and family run, award-winning artisan ice cream producer based in Milton Keynes. We create delicious ice cream in collaboration with local farmers, food producers, private dining chefs and more. We use the finest and, where possible, locally sourced natural ingredients. We offer dairy, dairy free and vegan flavours.

What makes us special?

We are a small batch ice cream manufacturer, which means we only make a limited number of flavours on each run. This is to ensure we are using the freshest ingredients and our ice cream remains at its usual high standard. It also means that there is zero waste, and our production process is minimal. We make for us, we make for others, we sell only what we make.

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